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Coach Aryan
August 27, 2021
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Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself? Maybe something that would surprise us :)

***Tim's answers will be in blue***
I'm a riddle, wrapped in an enigma.

***Tina's answers will be in red***
I am a former east coaster, born and raised in Washington, DC. I never expected to live in Texas but moved down here in 2007 to complete my Masters at Rice University (Go Owls!) After 12 years of being a HS Orchestra Director, I am now freelance professional violinist and teach lessons, perform in local Orchestras, and work as a coach and clinician for many of the local school orchestras. I love camping, hiking, and I'm a total armchair-mountaineer (I've read almost every book out there on the 8000m peaks!)

How long have you been a Behemoth member and how did you hear about us?

About a year. Joined to exercise with Tina.

I have been a Behemoth member since March 2021. I was a member at CrossFit Memorial Houston before my youngest was born and has done I Love Kickboxing, but hadn't done any organized exercise in several years. I looked on Google for local gyms and was instantly drawn to Behemoth!

How has being apart of Behemoth impacted your life?

Physical ability has greatly improved. It's nice to be able to bend over and pick things up well again. This has of course helped with overall mental wellbeing and motivation as I can see measurable improvement.

I never thought of myself as an athlete- always a wannabe athlete. I finally feel like I can call myself one after my time at Behemoth! I'm most proud of the transformation my body has made when it comes to muscle composition and what that has meant when it comes to movement. Doing five banded pull-ups was one of the most exciting landmarks for me this year as well as being able to do full push ups from the ground!

Talk a little bit about your journey, who were you or what were you struggling with before starting with Behemoth and who are you now since being a part of this gym culture and community?

Started weighing around 320-330 pounds. Didnt gain much during the two years of covid, but had not done much physical activity either. Needed a way to get going and motivated on the physical activity again, so I joined.

Two years ago, I was 231 lbs and couldn't go up a flight of stairs without my heart rate jumping to 140 bpm. In July 2020 I had gastric surgery and lost over 100 lbs by March 2021- but in that loss I saw my muscles also dwindle to almost nothing. I didn't have the surgery to be "skinny"- I wanted to be healthy. I joined Behemoth in order to help rebuild my muscle, focus on balancing my nutrition, and to help me make long-term life change.

I have worked with amazing coaches in the past but the coaching at Behemoth is NEXT LEVEL. I have worked out and strengthened muscles I didn't even know I had thanks to the innovative workouts and the expertise of the coaches. What I didn't expect was how much of a community this would become for us- both Tim and I consider our Behemoth friends to be some of the coolest and most inspiring people to be around (and honestly, probably our only social life!!!)

What is your favorite part about Behemoth and what keeps you coming back?

The overall positivity and friendliness at the gym. Going to a regular gym and working out for 30 minutes is very tedious and not exciting, but the classes at Behemoth are much more fun and the time flies by.

Every class is different- just when I think I've got something perfected I'm given another great piece of advice from a coach or a fellow athlete (thanks Lilly!) that makes me lift and move better. There is no better environment to be in!

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting out with Behemoth or maybe hesitant in starting out?

The muscles aches get better the more you can get into class.

Most people don't realize I'm an introvert (I talk too much but I'm very shy and uncomfortable in new social sitiations). However, I suggest that anyone, regardless of introvert or extrovert- introduce themselves to at least one new person each time! The other athletes at Behemoth are some of the best support and they have been so instrumental in any success I have had.

Behemoth Mad Lib

1. My hidden talent is?

***Tim is in Blue***
I was the voice actor behind the giant mystical, stone-faced host, Olmec for the first two seasons of the hit Nickeloden game show Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Well....Not really. Actually I left this part blank and the coach filling this part out though this sounded more fun.

***Tina is in Red***
Figure skating and dance- I'm hideously klutzy in regular life bur I was a competitive figure skater and do very well with choreographed movement. Walking without tripping? Not so much...

2. My favorite movement at BGYM is?

Shoulder to Overhead

Hard to say- power cleans and deadlifts are always at the top of my list. I also like burpees surprisingly!

3. #Breakfastcrew, #Brunchcrew, or #Cocktail crew?


#Cocktailcrew. I work out at the 9:30 am a lot but I'm always going to be loyal to my Cocktail crewmates!

4. I have yet to, but have always wanted to?

Go to Japan

Hike in to Everest base camp

5. When I’m not working on my fitness at BGYM, I like to?

Paint models

Swim and teach my boys to swim, travel with friends, and play music!

6. I would love to see Coach ________ do ___________?

I would love to see Coach Aja do a 300+ weight snatch.

All of the Coaches do at least two benchmarks in an exhibition workout, or Coach Aja compete in a Ninja Warrior Course

7. Beast mode engaged when this song comes on during my workout?


Anything '80s rock!

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