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You made these the best years of your life?


Our mission is to positively influence our community by providing custom coaching, education, and mentorship to help YOU unlock your most desirable look, feel, and functionality in life.
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Lifestyle based fitness

Accomplishing your goals will take more than exercising alone. We educate our gym community on what it takes to make the change they seek and help to maintain those changes year round.

Professional accountability

Constantly "falling off the wagon"? Have trouble "sticking to a plan"? Not here. Never miss a training session again because our coaches and community won't let you.

Positive influence

The coaches, community and energy in this space will help you look forward to your time spent in the gym and positively influence your decisions away from it.


Our professionals assess you where you are right now to know exactly IF we can help and to gain as much information on how we can do so most effectively.


We start everyone with private training, to build confidence and competence in foundational movement patterns and lifestyle behaviors that are specific to your individual needs and goals.


You are ready to join our individualized group classes with a plan designed by your professional coach custom fit to your specific goals, needs and wants. Here we will continue to build a resilient mind and body, progressing you towards more and more self-sufficiency in your health and fitness routine.


Look confidently, feel youthful and function without fear in your life. Prepare to take the skills and habits built from previous phases and apply them to a pain-free, active life outside of the gym. You will have been plenty active up to this point, but this phase is about living a life without limits and continuing to work with your professional coach to facilitate your most desirable quality of life.
Start your fitness Journey with Behemoth Gym in Cypress, TX
Start your fitness Journey with Behemoth Gym in Cypress, TX

It All Starts With A Free Discovery Call

Step one is a free discovery call to learn more about you, your goals and if we can help. We want to understand the problems you're running into so that we can determine if we believe we are the best fit to helping you solve them!
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We combine education to instill confidence, mentorship to inspire action, and movement to secure physical freedom.

Our process will allow you to feel confident being active, restore peace of mind, and ensure that these are the best years of your life.

Behemoth Gym has been positively influencing the Cypress community since 2012

Behemoth Gym has everything you need to crush your fitness goals

Inclusive Training Style

Easy Scheduling

Nutritional Consulting

Personal Training

Purified Water Dispenser

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Making change in your life is a challenge alone. All the guidance you WANT and the support you NEED is here at Behemoth Gym.

Whether you're just starting on your fitness journey, you've had a poor group fitness experience elsewhere or you just want the professional guidance to help get you there, our coaches and community are here to provide you the supportive experience you want and need to better yourself!

Behemoth Gym has been helping regular people in the Katy/Cypress community become irregularly fit and capable for life since 2012.

Over the past decade, Behemoth Gym has helped willing individuals change their lives, better their health, and improve their quality of life through our unique lifestyle-based fitness approach, our professional accountability, and the positive influence of our coaches and community.

Behemoth Gym is easily accessible from all of Cypress.

Our gym is located off of FM 529 Rd, just west of Barker Cypress within the gated facility. Just look for the gorgeous BGYM sign at the gated entrance!

18611 FM 529 Suite 202, Cypress, TX 77433
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