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How are we different?

It's no secret, Behemoth Gym has been positively influencing our Cypress community for over the past decade plus.

What we believed worked well in 2012 is not what we believe today. Telling clients to “just keep showing up” and providing them a boost of motivation along with a templated approach was not the way we could best serve our people.

Today, all clients work with a professional coach, who guides their journey. Every client is properly screened and assessed so we can truly meet each person where they are at. Every client begins by working 1-on-1 with a coach to ensure competence and confidence. Every client receives individualized programming and monthly mentorship meetings so that success is a certainty.

We have a holistic approach that focuses on movement, mindset, lifestyle, recovery, and building a sustainable system for each client. We believe that true lifestyle change is rooted in more than just exercise alone.

This approach may build the wings necessary for flight and in our opinion, there is no greater success than to watch someone do on their own what we have worked hard at doing together.

We are an Active Life gym focused on helping clients live and reclaim an active lifestyle without compromise.

We are Behemoth.

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Our Team of Professional Coaches

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Making change in your life is a challenge alone. All the guidance you WANT and the support you NEED is here at Behemoth Gym.

Whether you're just starting on your fitness journey, you've had a poor group fitness experience elsewhere or you just want the professional guidance to help get you there, our coaches and community are here to provide you the supportive experience you want and need to better yourself!

Behemoth Gym has been helping regular people in the Katy/Cypress community become irregularly fit and capable for life since 2012.

Over the past decade, Behemoth Gym has helped willing individuals change their lives, better their health, and improve their quality of life through our unique lifestyle-based fitness approach, our professional accountability, and the positive influence of our coaches and community.

Behemoth Gym has everything you need to crush your fitness goals

Inclusive Training Style

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Nutritional Consulting

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Behemoth Gym is easily accessible from all of Cypress.

Our gym is located off of FM 529 Rd, just west of Barker Cypress within the gated facility. Just look for the gorgeous BGYM sign at the gated entrance!

18611 FM 529 Suite 202, Cypress, TX 77433
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