Lilly P.

Coach Aryan
August 27, 2021
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Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself or something that would surprise us.I am Lilly Polak. I’m a wife and proud mother of 3 (Coach Jon’s mom). I started my CrossFit journey in 2009 and that is where I fell in love with it. In 2014 I entered Oktoberfest, a local CrossFit competition where I injured my shoulder and continued to work out which was a BIG mistake. I underwent surgery in February 2015 for a torn rotarcuff, bone spur, labrum tear and detached/retched bicep muscle. I was in therapy for 6 months and was given the OK to return back to the gym. At that time I was looking for another CrossFit gym that would help me to make sure I was safe and wouldn't injury myself again; that’s when I found Behemoth.How and when were you introduced to Behemoth?I was introduced to Behemoth by my son Jonathan De La Garza, aka Coach Jon. He was very persistent in my joining Behemoth mainly for my safety and for the overall coaching knowledge.What are you most proud of, physically, mentally or both since beginning with us?I am most proud of myself for being consistent, creating a positive life style change and for all of the wonderful new friends I have made at Behemoth.Why Behemoth?I can't say it enough; the coaches at Behemoth are the best. I have also made great friends here and I love that everyone comes together as family. The camaraderie here is top-notch.What next? What are you excited about pursuing here in the future?I’m always looking to improve my personal records. As I get older I want to emphasize good health and overall wellness. I’m excited to continue being part of this family as it grows.“3, 2, 1…Go” Mad Lib section-My favorite lift (movement) is… Cleans-My most frequent class I come to is… 5am and Saturday-I have always wanted to… Visit medieval castles & learn their history-When I’m not crushing weights, my favorite thing to do is… Drinks ritas & enjoy a great queso with chips-Favorite “application of fitness” outside of the gym is… Love a good long run to clear my mind-Favorite Pandora station… Gangsta Rap-Beast mode engaged when this song comes on… Any good rap song

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