Denny M.

Coach Leah
August 27, 2021
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Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself or something that would surprise us.

I am a fourth generation native Houstonian and absolutely love this city! I grew up in the West Houston/Katy area, played a variety of sports and other activities, but softball was my main sport. After high school, I went to Texas A&M University, transferred to the University of Houston and graduated a UH Cougar. Upon graduation I joined "Corporate America" and quickly realized my passions lay elsewhere.

Something that may surprise you about me:

I am a business owner of a full time cattle company. While I am not always hands on in the day-to-day operations of the business (that's what my awesome brothers are for!), I am still very passionate about making sure cows have a place to live and thrive!

How and when were you introduced to Behemoth?

The owners of my previous gym pointed me to Behemoth because of my desire to continue a journey of gymnastics strength training. Little did I know at the time, that this would turn into a HUGE blessing and I am forever grateful for it!

What are you most proud of, physically, mentally or both since beginning with us?

Learning to continuously exercise mental toughness. I am beginning to enjoy the challenge of staying outside of my comfort zone, and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

What has been your biggest, yet most rewarding obstacle to overcome, whether in the gym or on your health journey to date?

Learning to take control of my nutrition and food choices is my biggest on-going obstacle.

Why Behemoth?

It’s the total package; top notch coaching, nutritional support and guidance, the community, the positive environment, the overall educated approach to health and fitness that the Barto’s share with this community is unparalleled. There are 25 other gyms between my house and Behemoth and I drive those extra miles with good reason.

What next? What are you excited about pursuing here in the future?

I want to do a press handstand!

“3, 2, 1…Go” Mad Lib section

-My favorite lift (movement) is… anything related to handstands!

-My most frequent class I come to is… 9:30 am

-I have always wanted to… become a ski bum for 1 year!

-When I’m not crushing weights, my favorite thing to do is…I am always game for new adventures, but equally enjoy “me time”! Just don’t make me jump out of a plane!

-If I could make ANY of the Behemoth coaches do 100 burpees it would be... the new guy, Evan!

-Favorite “application of fitness” outside of the gym is…snow skiing and pretty much any outside activity

-Favorite band/genre/Pandora station to workout to is… I tune out all music during workouts, so the answer is no music!

-Beast mode engaged when this song comes on…


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