Kim H.

Coach Aryan
August 27, 2021
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Kim H. Is our highlight BSHEmoth for the month of February! Kim's positive attitude, ability to encourage others, as well as her ability to always be having fun are just a few of the reasons why she is a true BSHEmoth!-Who are you?I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan but I call Houston home. I have lived here for over 20 years. I graduated from Elsik High School 1990. In middle school and high school I ran cross country, track and played basketball. My love of physical fitness stems from my love of sports and competition. Being the youngest of 3 really pushed me to do better and I credit being active in sports to my old brother Kenny. After losing my Mom while attending college I lost my drive to compete. At that point the need for a job to survive was at the top of my list. I went back to school and graduated from the University of Houston Downtown in 2009. This helped me to re-discover myself and get back to what I love. Throughout my life the support of family and friends was crucial and helped make me who I am today.-How and when were you introduced to Behemoth?I discovered Behemoth in January of 2014 while driving home from work. I went home, signed up for the community workout and after attending the workout I was hooked. Aryan's patience and knowledge from day one made the decision easy.-What are you most proud of, physically, mentally or both since beginning with us?The change in my body and mind is one that I have not experienced before. The scale was not a motivator in my life, but the results overall and how I feel are fantastic and I owe it mostly to Behemoth. I have become much more aware of how all the factors in life affect you both physically and mentally. I feel I am able to handle stress better, I have more energy and I look pretty good too! ;) I am proud that I have been able to take what the coaches have taught me by not just "working out" but what you eat and drink and how you recover in a way that I can apply to my every day life.-Why Behemoth?The coaches support, encouragement and tough love as well as the community environment make Behemoth a perfect fit for me. It is important when you are trying something new to be accepted and have those around you help you by being patient and sharing their knowledge of the sport and Aryan made that difference for me. Aja was the tough love that I needed to push myself to do things I thought I couldn't do and probably wouldn't have tried on my own. In recent months, Leah came on and was the perfect addition to a great coaching team by bringing everything together.-What next? What are you excited about pursuing here in the future?I'm excited about the new classes being offered. I look forward to an even greater transformation in myself this year. I would like to possibly compete in a beginner CrossFit competition and I am also contemplating going back to compete again in a fitness competition.“3, 2, 1…Go” Mad Lib section-My favorite lift is… Back squat, but I am starting to give into power cleans!-My most frequent class I come to is… 7pm-I have always wanted to… I would love to go to Greece to see where the Olympics started.-When I’m not crushing weights, my favorite thing to do is… Hanging with family and friends; especially Sergio and Kaden (my boys). I like to watch movies and sports (of course). Laughter is always the best medicine and is good for the soul so I like to laugh and joke around with just about everyone.-Favorite “application of fitness” outside of the gym is… Playing softball-Favorite Pandora station… Is there one I don't like??? "That's my jam!" ... But Michael Jackson is the best.-Beast mode engaged when this song comes on… DMX - Lose My Mind

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