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August 27, 2021
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When did you start at Behemoth and how did you find us?

Thinking back, this may be one of those New Year’s resolutions I followed through on. I believe I started searching for personal training in January of this year and found out Behemoth Gym was a straight drive down 529 from my neighborhood. I’m not sure exactly how I reached out, maybe through an online request to contact Behemoth, and next thing I know I received a text inviting me to come visit with Behemoth Gym. I walked in and met Trevor and knew within the minute I wanted to train with him and be a member of this organization.

Can you speak a bit more on your journey? What problems did you have before starting that you no longer believe you have?

I’m a teacher, a mentally and physically unhealthy profession. Just look at a group of teachers and you may quickly tell they all wish the system would improve and they are sacrificing parts of themselves to this system. We carry a massive amount of tension/stress with us in developing our nation’s greatest resources. I modified my teacher desk to make it a standing desk just so I would not sit as much as the job requires. I found myself craving pushups, stretching, squats, any form of exercise I could squeeze into the work day, and I knew I wasn’t in the shape I wanted to be in. I was lacking the grip, strength, posture, stamina, pretty much all physically capable aspects were less than I wanted. It’s almost at a point of shame or disappointment with oneself where we realize, “I need to do something about my self.” As far as specific problems, my range of motion was limited due to tension, my body ached in places from improper positioning (I’m in a 22’x22’ crowded room with no windows), I was having headaches often, my diet needed structure, my lifestyle needed reformatting. In short, I wasn’t the person I wanted to be, and I needed to change what I was doing daily to get back on track with myself.

Who is your professional coach? Can you speak a bit on your experiences with him? What do you enjoy most about your relationship with him?

Trevor reminds me of a handful of my cousins who live in the Austin area, so I knew we’d get along well from the moment I met with him. I find his style to be very professional, supportive, encouraging and realistic. I was relieved to learn that Behemoth wasn’t a CrossFit format gym because I had tried one of those places and it felt like a cult experience I didn’t want any part of. Any business involving personal relationships is a tricky field, because no matter how much you may value and believe in the product or service you’re trying to provide, some personalities will naturally clash with some aspect of your approach. Trevor’s efforts to personally include me into a lifestyle adjustment culture went a long way to selling me on Behemoth Gym. Here's something that really impressed me about Trevor – he follows through. When I told him about some discomfort I felt in my arms/wrists/fingers, he actually looked into it and not only found a solution, but the solution worked! The discomfort disappeared and hasn’t returned. I had lived with that discomfort for some time and had no idea how to solve it myself, and had I not started training with Trevor I might still be experiencing that discomfort today.

What are some of your biggest physical, mental, or emotional wins since starting?

So much pain and discomfort is gone. I’m lifting heavier weights than I’ve ever lifted. My confidence is solid, and so much is improving overall that I’m sleeping better and my career satisfaction is improving.

What are some behavioral wins you’ve adjusted, implemented or gained since starting?

My personal confidence in my abilities has improved so much that I feel I know myself better than I have in many years.

Do you believe that Behemoth has been fundamentally different than any other gym experience you’ve ever had? If so, can you share how you believe we’re different?

Behemoth’s personal and customized approach to adjusting lifestyles to approach and meet healthy goals is a vast improvement over monthly subscription gym memberships where you’re mostly left to your own methods with that gym’s devices. Behemoth offers a style to adjust and improve not only managing your own body’s weight and shape but also your range of motion, capacity for strength, and overall mental health and perspectives on what exercising can be for you personally.

Think about the person in your exact position before you began here. What advice would you offer to someone in that position to help them make the leap?

Get your B into B Gym.

Behemoth Mad Lib

1. What do you do for work?

I’m an Industrial Technology Instructor, one of the best K-12 public educator pathways in existence. If anyone wants to learn more about what teaching Industrial Technology with the Career Tech cluster is about, I’ll happily share this awesome, not-so-secret avenue of working in public ed.

2. Do you have family? What do you love and enjoy the most about them?

I am married and have two young boys (4 and 3). Marriage is another job, as is being a parent!

4. Something you should know about me is?

I really enjoy cooking, and I won’t be shy in admitting I’m not half bad at it. You should also know that I’m often wrestling mentally with too many things at once so I may not appear to pay attention when I’m really struggling to set aside distractions.

5. My favorite active thing that my fitness has afforded me is?

My improving capabilities and how I walk around the house with my shirt off a lot more.

6. I would love to see Coach ________ do ___________?

Coach Trevor stream Left 4 Dead 2

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