Rahul S.

Coach Leah
August 27, 2021
Athlete Photo

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself or something that would surprise us.

I am 44 years old and live with my family not too far from Behemoth. I was born in India and came to the USA when I was 21 in 1997. I have since lived in Dallas, Miami (12 years), Atlanta, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston.

As for surprise, well I wrote a thesis (it took me 2 years) on how to better transmit files from satellites…. If you're interested, you can download and read it using the link:


How and when were you introduced to Behemoth?

I was just driving on 529 and saw the facility and decided to drop in. Got to meet Aja and got started right away.

What are you most proud of, physically, mentally or both since beginning with us?

Squats: Before I started at Behemoth, I was not able to do any squats (in any proper form). Now, I have much more strength, mobility, and agility to do a lot more.

What has been your biggest, yet most rewarding obstacle to overcome, whether in the gym or on your health journey to date?

I have always wanted to run a half marathon. Before I joined Behemoth, I had no core or body strength to be able to do so. Since being with Behemoth I have developed the strength needed and was able to train properly and run a successful half marathon.

Why Behemoth?

Quality: Quality of Coaches, equipment, facility, and the programming is world class.

Trust: I trust the programming and coaches at Behemoth. I believe that if I show up regularly each morning the fitness aspect of my life is on the right track. 

What next? What are you excited about pursuing here in the future?

I have a clear need and desire to be nimbler. I am not going for more strength in terms of bigger weights but I want to stretch more and complete more basic movements with better form. Deadlifting from ground, cleans from the ground, front squats with barbell on my shoulders etc.

“3, 2, 1…Go” Mad Lib section:

-My favorite lift (movement) is…

Deadlift (never thought I could do it)

-My most frequent class I come to is…

5 AM

-I have always wanted to…

Run a half marathon in every exciting city in the world (Tokyo, Berlin, Rio….)

-When I’m not crushing weights, my favorite thing to do is…

Work and spend time with my Family. I love my work (programming) and try to learn new and more complex paradigms of programming.

-If I could make ANY of the Behemoth coaches do 100 burpees it would be...

Damian (with Reggaeton blasting in background) and Lee (with Hard Rock playing on) ….

-Favorite “application of fitness” outside of the gym is…

Was able to go up Enchanted Rock in Austin recently ?

-Favorite band/genre/Pandora station to workout to is…

Here would be my top 5 songs of all time:

Kingdom Come (Jay Z)

Let It Ride (Dr Dre)

Ruff Ryders Anthem (DMX)

Juicy (Notorious BIG)…And its adaption Beats by Dre featuring McGregor’s, is I feel best ad ever: https://youtu.be/HC8pI_O3Nbk

Welcome to Atlanta (Ludacris)

-Beast mode engaged when this song comes on…

-Ruff Ryders Anthem (DMX)

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