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Coach Aryan
August 27, 2021
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When did you start at Behemoth and how did you find us?

I received referral from a prior gym before I moved out to Katy. I did check some online reviews to see if it though it would be a good fit.

Can you speak a bit more on your journey? What problems did you have before starting that you no longer believe you have?

I have had back issues for years-going back to highschool sports. I took a full year off of any gym work to try to heal and was really scared coming back. Coach Aryan has worked with me on strengthening my back and core, and I’m happy to say I’m back to complex movements with no pain in a year and a half!

Who is your professional coach? Can you speak a bit on your experiences with them? What do you enjoy most about your relationship with them?

Coach Aryan has been fantastic to work with! He really takes time to listen, he sets goals that are realistic but require a push, and is super encouraging! He handles everything with a smile and positive attitude. He is also always willing to change things up if needed and takes time to talk through challenges or setbacks. His realistic approach has helped me reshape my overall health.

We pride ourselves on the education and mentorship we provide to our members to help them build self-sufficiency in their health and fitness routine, what has been the most valuable aspect of working with your coach?

Acknowledging the realities of life alongside health and fitness goals has helped me stick to the routine and feel motivated to keep trying. I’ve always felt defeated if I couldn’t stick to a restrictive diet or handle really intense workouts; Coach Aryan taught me better ways to read my body and readiness and helped me stay on track.

What are some of your biggest physical, mental or emotional wins since starting?

For me, going from being in daily pain and no exercise, to hitting a PR in my deadlift and my power clean in a little over a year was a huge accomplishment. Having a coach that has been supportive and positive has also made me more mentally resilient- I know I’m ging to have off days and I don’t get down and defeated, I get some rest and come back ready to work!

What are some behavioral wins you’ve adjusted, implemented or gained since starting?

I’ve completely changed my eating patterns. Instead of counting every calorie or weighing portions, I focus on protein intake and whole foods. It’s been much more sustainable and I feel fueled for workouts. My lab work is also improved!

Do you believe that Behemoth has been fundamentally different than any other gym experience you’ve ever had? If so, can you share how you believe we’re different?

There’s a personal aspect that I don’t think I’ve felt in any previous gym. The coaches want to know each client’s goals and helps to get them on the path to success. You’re always greeted with a smile and they value your presence, no matter your fitness level.

Think about the person in your exact position before you began here, what is advice you would give them to make the leap?

“You can’t move forward unless you try”, this is a mantra I use in life. You’ll stay where you are unless you choose to try to move forward or do something new. If you’re thinking about your health, your fitness, or improving your mental state, take the step. You can always stop if it doesn’t work out, but I guarantee you won’t!

Behemoth Mad Lib

1. Do you have family? Spouse/partner? Kids? What do you love and enjoy most about them??

Husband- silly and makes me laugh!

2. What do you do for work? What do you enjoy most about it?

Team director for Cigna. I enjoy working with my team and helping them meet our goals.

3. Something you should know about me is?

I love being active! Biking, Volleyball, hiking, these are all things I do regularly!

4. My favorite active thing that my fitness has afforded me is?

Energy and mobility

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