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Coach Aryan
August 27, 2021
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Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself? Maybe something that would surprise us :)

***Mike's answers will be in blue***
I am a stay-at-home dad to boy/girl twins and will be married 25 years to my wife, Tracie.

***Tracie's answers will be in red***
LOL, oh wow, there are probably a few things that'll surprise folks about me. I'm just a country girl who grew up in the Mississippi Delta, surrounded by unending cotton fields and old gravel roads. My dad owned a crop-dusting business and I'm pretty sure I got my adventure spirit and determination from him. I am the proud mama bear of 16 year old boy/girl twins who, along with my sweet hubby Michael, are my reason for everything!

How long have you been a Behemoth member and how did you hear about us?

I started with Behemoth on 1/12/2021 and heard about BGYM from my wife,Tracie. I would take her to class and realized she was really enjoying it, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I Started at Behemoth on 12/22/2020 after seeing a video by chance on Facebook and got most of my Behemoth information from Aryan through a virtual call.

How has being apart of Behemoth impacted your life?

Since starting with BGYM, I have noticed the improvement in my joints not aching or bothering as bad as before I started. It has also made me more aware of my nutrition and what I put in my body.

Honestly, Behemoth has given me an opportunity to push myself like I have always wanted. The positivity, accountability and fellowship is priceless to me, not to mention all the meaningful friendships I have made. I sincerely believe that Behemoth is my extended Texas Family! ❤

What are some of your proudest accomplishments since starting with us? (this can be physical, mental, emotional, don’t just think inside the gym, this can be anything you truly feel great about!)

My proudest accomplishment would have to be that I have become more social since I have made some great friends.

Losing 34lbs has allowed me to endure my daughter's 3-4 hour shopping trips without getting tired from all the walking. Physically, two of my proudest accomplishments are being able to do a real burpee and my heaviest deadlift was 155lbs. Gaining the ability to perform synchronized burpees with my swolemate, Ms. Ashley Robinson during one of our challenges was pretty awesome too!

Talk a little bit about your journey, who were you or what were you struggling with before starting with Behemoth and who are you now since being a part of this gym culture and community?

Before BGYM, I didn't realize how much it mattered what kind of gym I went to. It was never anything new or interesting and no accountability really. I knew I needed the activity but it was sometimes a struggle just to go. Now I sincerely look forward to going to the gym every chance I can.

I consider myself a constant 'work in progress'. In my 20's, I was diagnosed with Severe Anxiety with Depression. Although my weight fluctuated throughout my 20's; it was after the twins were born that I was seriously overweight, which did not help my Depression. It was important for me to find a gym I was comfortable at and could work on my self confidence. I found that in Behemoth Gym! From that first phone call with Aryan Barto, and the truly unique transformation challenge, I felt like this gym was so much more than just your standard gym. There is a level of knowledge, communication and fitness that needs understanding that you don't and won't find ANYWHERE ELSE!

What is your favorite part about Behemoth and what keeps you coming back?

My favorite part is the coaches and community. What keeps me coming back is the sense of accomplishment I get from completing a challenging workout.

The awesome coaches and resilient members are my favorite part of Behemoth and the reason for coming back! It's a fitness comfort level that is unmatched.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting out with Behemoth or maybe hesitant in starting out?

My advice would be, if you are looking for the best gym with knowledgeable coaches and a supportive community, it's worth your time to check out Behemoth Gym.

If you are worried about being able to do any exercise, just talk to one of the wonderful coaches and let them know. They will always help you with modifications if needed and will not make you feel like you are less capable for asking.

Behemoth Mad Lib

1. My hidden talent is?

So unique that it is still hidden from me, lol.

I'm a seasoned vocalist and was in a band called the 'Wild Side of Country', as a lead singer, where I sang Country, Blues and Rock music. I have graced the same stage as Carrie Underwood before she was who she is now. I have performed at hundreds of venues like the Nashville Ryman stage and State and County fairgrounds and Rodeos across MS, AR and OK.

2. My favorite movement at BGYM is?

Power/Hang Cleans


3. #Breakfastcrew, #Brunchcrew, or #Cocktail crew?

The best one… #Cocktail crew!!

#Cocktail crew!!

4. I have yet to, but have always wanted to?

Go on vacation to Hawaii with my family.

Be a contestant on the Voice.

5. When I’m not working on my fitness at BGYM, I like to?

Spend time with my family.

Create crafts or paint with my daughter and spend time with my family doing anything together.

6. I would love to see Coach ________ do ___________?

Any of the coaches set a new plank world record. FYI...the World Record is 9 hours, 30 mins, 1 sec according to Guinness World Records.

I would love to see Any Behemoth Coach do Aerial Yoga!

7. Beast mode engaged when this song comes on during my workout?

Anything ACDC

Barracuda by Heart or the remastered Led Zeppelin, 'Immigrant Song' (Wonder Woman theme song)

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