Marilyn and Les D.

Coach Aryan
August 27, 2021
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Our I AM Behemoth AND BSHEmoth of the month is Marilyn and Les Dalenberg. These two are hard to feature without making them a package deal because while they each are independently awesome, they are beyond inspiring together! Read a little more about them here!-Who are you?We are here for the winter months from Minnesota. Marilyn was a high school math teacher and Les was in medical capital equipment sales. You probably would be surprised that Les is a sculptor and does other artistic things. We have a little white, rough coat Jack Russell Terrier, Molly.-How and when were you introduced to Behemoth?We were here last winter and went to Cannon Crossfit where Leah was the coach so we had met Aja and knew about Behemoth. We bought a house this past summer in Jersey Village and when Leah announced she was coming to Behemoth---then so were we.-What are you most proud of, physically, mentally or both since beginning with us?We both feel that we have learned so much at Behemoth. We have done Crossfit for two years, but in a different environment. We even took the On Ramp program with Aryan to hone some of the basics. We are both much stronger in the short time we've been here with the varied workouts and the fabulous warm-ups, I (Marilyn) even got my FIRST pull up!!-Why Behemoth?After going to multiple boxes, we have seen various styles of coaching, programming, and environments. The warm-ups are made to order for what we are doing, the coaches are engaged (no texting and side conversations) and help during the entire class. The required cool down helps in recovery. All of the coaches care about progress, safety, and about you as a person. If this is the only gym you have ever been to, you have no idea the smart decision you made in joining Behemoth!!!-What next? What are you excited about pursuing here in the future?Marilyn--I want to get stronger, of course, but I need to work on my conditioning so I have more go power. Leah is helping me with some glute weakness that has caused some pain so I am hoping to conquer that also.Les -- I want to continue to grow healthier with the Paleo lifestyle, maintain my muscle tone, and increase my strength. I also want to make sure I am doing the lifts correctly.“3, 2, 1…Go” Mad Lib section-My favorite lift is… Marilyn--My favorite is the dead lift. Les--My favorite is the hang clean-My most frequent class I come to is… We always come to the 9:30 class-I have always wanted to… Have a winter home in the south.-When I’m not crushing weights, my favorite thing to do is… Marilyn-- I love to cook (getting that paleo down), read, and work with students (my own math tutoring business.)Les- Search the web for educational things for sculpting and air brushing.We both enjoy time with our granddaughter, Rebekah, and of course, her parents.-Favorite “application of fitness” outside of the gym is… We both love to play golf--however recently we spend a lot of our free time at the gym! :)-Favorite Pandora station… Need to learn about this!

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