How To Stay On-Track While On The Road... Pt. 3

Check out Part 1 on Finding a gym and Part 2 on Nutrition.Catch up on your Sleep!
Coach Aryan
August 27, 2021
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Check out Part 1 on Finding a gym and Part 2 on Nutrition.Catch up on your Sleep!Now sleep has to be one of the most important lifestyle factors that everyone is knowingly missing out on. From early wake up calls, to screaming babies, to Monday Night Football, we all have our reasons for not getting our 8 hours. That said your hotel stay is the perfect opportunity to get caught up! Nearly every room should be furnished with: black out curtains, wake up calls (turn those lights off!), and its own AC unit - utilities included I might add. Now I’ll admit sometimes the firmness of the mattress or the fluff of the pillows aren’t what you are used to. That still shouldn’t detract you from being able to fully recharge your batteries. Here is where improving your sleeping position can help. Side sleeper with your hips out of line? Try placing a pillow in-between your legs. Back sleeping and need more lumbar support? How about a pillow under your knees? Need for neck support? Throw a rolled up hand towel in your pillow case at the base of your skull.Do this:

  1. Pull all the curtains completely shut, so no outside light can peer in.
  2. Unplug or cover up the alarm clock light and any other leds that are visible with the lights off.
  3. Set up a wakeup call with the concierge, if the alarm is unplugged.
  4. Set the temperature to something cool and comfortable (70 or below)
  5. Don’t watch too much tv. Think technology detox!

Don’t dread heading out of town! Now you should be able to navigate any new town like a pro. Something I’ve noticed works well for me is focusing on quality sleep. I find that if I can get quality rest at night, I can usually afford to be a little more lax with my nutrition without feeling terrible the next day. Either way test what works for YOU! Keep in mind, just because you choose to live healthy doesn’t mean you have to be a robot for the rest of your life.

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