Vanessa E

IAM March 2022 Vanessa E
Coach Aryan
August 27, 2021
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Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself? Maybe something that would surprise us :)

Maybe something that would surprise us :) Born and raised in the Philippines and moved to the US 17 years ago. Like the story of many immigrants coming from that side of the world, I started off with nothing. Fast forward to 2022 and with hardwork and determination, I am proud of what I’ve accomplished in the last 17 years.
I came to the US 17 years ago with just a few clothes and not a penny to my name. I was scared and prayed that no one would talk to me because I could barely speak the language.

How long have you been a Behemoth member and how did you hear about us?

I joined Behemoth in February of last year. I was just looking around for a gym and I was glad I stumbled upon Behemoth. I did not know anything about them but I read all the wonderful reviews and I thought I'd give them a call. Fun fact, I have never been in a gym before Behemoth.

How has being apart of Behemoth impacted your life? What are some of your proudest accomplishments since starting with us?

Behemoth gives me the confidence that I struggled to build. My latest accomplishment was running the half marathon on February 12th. I’ve always wanted to run but couldn't find the courage and strength to run even half a mile and now, I can run 13. 1 miles. My proudest accomplishment though is I am able to channel this fitness journey to my family with barely any effort. My better half just joined Behemoth and is training for the MS 150 and my kids ran the 1K with me.

Talk a little bit about your journey, who were you or what were you struggling with before starting with Behemoth and who are you now since being a part of this gym culture and community?

2020 was a drag for me as far as my healthy living is concerned. I barely did anything and just buried myself with work until one day, I realized none of my clothes fit and when I “looked” in the mirror, I didn't like what I saw. It dawned on me that I haven't been feeling good about myself but I was too busy to take notice. That's when I decided I have to do something different before it gets worse. Since joining Behemoth, I have now found my inner strength, making healthy choices and again, I gained confidence which is a huge thing for me.

What is your favorite part about Behemoth and what keeps you coming back?

I love the people- they are fun, friendly and inspiring. I love seeing the smiling faces no matter how intense the workout is. The coaches are very passionate about bringing the best in you. They take pride in what they do and I truly appreciate that.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting out with Behemoth or maybe hesitant in starting out?

Trust the process and everything will fall into place. This is not the place for instant gratification. Show up and give it your best and you will see your lifestyle will change without stressing yourself.

Behemoth Mad Lib

1. My hidden talent is? I'm still trying to figure this one out but my family would tell you that I have a talent in eating just about anything.

2. My favorite movement at BGYM is?

Deadlift and Burpees.

3. #Breakfastcrew, #Brunchcrew, or #Cocktail crew?

6AM Breakfast crew.

4. I have yet to, but have always wanted to?

Pull ups

5. When I’m not working on my fitness at BGYM, I like to?

Run, read books, do puzzles.

6. I would love to see Coach Aja do kipping pull ups while listening to Britney Spears!

7. Beast mode engaged when this song comes on during my workout?

Lose yourself - Eminem. “You can do anything you set your mind to”

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